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Why You Should Consider Playing Mancala Games

Mancala games are a kind of board game that has existed for quite some time. Different people are entertained by these games. A lot of reasons can be associated with the constant popularity of this particular game. By playing these Mancala games, your age does not matter at all because you will be playing it for countless hours. The gameplay of these Mancala games is also very simple. Because of how simple it is, you can play it anywhere you may be. There are boards that are used in playing these Mancala games. You may even make an alternative version of this official board if you do not have one. Even so, the availability of these Mancala boards is no longer that hard to find. Some online gaming websites even have the virtual version of these Mancala games. Here are some fast facts in playing Mancala games.

Before you start to play this game, you need to know how it works. A gaming board along with 14 ups is what you can expect from these Mancala games. Twelve of these cups are what you can find from the middle portion of your board. In terms of size, these twelve ones are smaller than the cups found at both ends. Both ends with larger cups can be found on the right and left side of the board.

Looking at your twelve smaller cups, the game pieces should be put inside them equally before Mancala game can be played. Using a counter-clockwise motion, the players should be able to pick up the seeds from each cup and spread them. The side where the player plays the game is often the place for the process to begin. However, there are some Mancala games that will allow sowing seeds in the cups of the opponent.

And yet, more fun is expected from the game. The player must make sure to drop the seeds that they have sown to the larger cup of their Mancala game board side. To enhance better winning chances, you have to have more seeds dropped on your side of the game board.

If it so happens that one of the players does not have seeds in their smaller cups anymore, then the game has ended. Another method of winning the game is having more seeds on the larger cup of your board. Mancala games often require a lot of strategic game playing as well as mathematical skills on the part of both players. Nevertheless, anyone can still play these Mancala games owing to the fact that they are very basic and straightforward. So long as you are capable of counting, you will be able to enjoy this game.
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