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The Importance of an Eye Doctor

A doctor of optometry or an eye specialist is called an eye doctor, and the professional’s role is about the medical science about eyes. Sophisticated medical equipment are used by a doctor of optometry, and as the word suggest, the professional will measure our vision by testing the health and vision of our eyes. These health care professionals, called eye specialists or optometrists, would concern themselves with our eyes and their related structures, including vision, visual systems, and vision information processing.

Visiting to an optometrist should be considered important by a person, because by visiting the eye doctor regularly, early detection of vision problem at this stage will give a higher success and easy treatment to happen most likely.
Note that if you are undergoing eye exam process, several things will be considered like your medical history. You will have to mention any medical issues you have at present, and the exam will start with an external examination like visual acuity, pupil function, and eye movement tests.

A certain test called visual field test will be done by the eye doctor and this test will check the extent of the person’s peripheral vision. There will also be a measurement of the pressure within the eye to see if there are signs of the onset of glaucoma, a serious eye condition leading to blindness. As the eye doctor is performing this procedure, the professional is actually touching your eye but you cannot feel or be concerned of it since eye drops were placed in your eyes that will numb your eye nerves and thus you cannot feel it or be disturbed with it. Eye doctors can now scan the retinal and macula exam of your eyes using the latest technology of a retinal scanner.

Another exam that would help the eye doctor see the structures of the eye more clearly is the slit lap inspection. Then there is the refraction testing which helps the eye doctor to make prescriptions that would correct vision problems.

Generally, eye doctors are labelled into two types, one is the ophthalmologist and the other one is the optometrist. Know that even with the difference in terminology, both are actually doctors, and for you to know who to go for consultation, you just have to know whom you will approach. Know that an ophthalmologist is an eye doctor with license to perform eye examination, give diagnosis and can perform standard surgeries and procedures for the eyes. The optometrist on the other hand can only perform standard eye examinations, prescribe your reading eyeglasses or contact lenses but is not licensed to conduct eye surgeries.

You can ask among families and friends if you want to make sure that you are approaching a reputable eye doctor.

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