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Choosing a Good Retail Merchandising Software

If you intend to replace your retail management platform, a quick search on the web will provide several alternatives to select from. But after sifting through all the marketing hype, you may still not find all the answers you want.

Now we’re faced with the question of how to differentiate the many different solution providers, with such a wide range of offerings from them?

Merchandise Handled

First off, is the system capable of accommodating every little thing on your product list? Retail systems can vary in so many ways, and not all platforms have the ability to handle all sorts of merchandise with the same ease. If a system is too general or too specific, difficulties may result in the long run. The differences between product categories can introduce unique challenges. Go with retail software that is made for the needs and requirements of your business, with reasonable customization features.

Retail Channels Managed

Your retail management system should be able to manage all the channels in which your business operates. For instance, does it work for brick-and-mortar selling? What about e-commerce? Catalog perhaps or franchising? How good is the system when it comes to letting you leverage new sales opportunities on all such channels?

International Capabilities

This is particularly significant for retailers who operate internationally, or those who might do so. Does the system support various currencies, languages, etc.?

Supply-Chain and Inventory-Management Capabilities

Regardless of the targeted configurations and specifications, retail software functions usually don’t vary substantially from one platform to the next. The largest and most crucial differences likely exist in the inventory management and supply chain sections. This is the part where your new system’s benefits will become very obvious. Is the software equipped with the replenishment and allocation capabilities that you require? How are the capabilities integrated with each another and with the bigger software?

Evidence of User-Friendliness

As you try to find new software, you may realize that nearly all vendors promise ease of use for their solutions. Due to these claims or promises becoming almost universal, they can be considered virtually valueless. To accurately gauge the software’s user-friendliness, be the judge yourself. Early on in the assessment process, ask how the software provider to let you give the system a try. Does the interface feel intuitive? Do they have a quick and easy instructional video?

After considering all the above, you should have a clear idea by now of what a good in retail management platform is. The planning phase is crucial, and, if done well, it will protect you from avoidable risks and issues in the future.

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