Education Benefits for Military and Former Military Members

Active military cadets and veterans both have advantages to getting their education in ways that the rest of the population does not. Some servicemembers have the advantage of using GI bills to pay their tuition. However, this is seldom recommended for those currently on active duty. The good news is that servicemembers are often eligible for multiple benefits. Another top benefit is the fact that the military often has its own tuition service. Virtually all servicemembers are eligible for it to one extent or the other. However, the criteria varies between the branches. Servicemembers are advised to speak with their Education Service Officer or military recruiter for more information.

Benefits of Military Servicemembers Pursuing Degrees on Active Duty

One of the benefits of active duty servicemembers attending an online university for military is that it accommodates the unpredictability of the armed forces. It allows the cadets to stay focused on their military careers while being allowed to study and take exams on their own time. Another benefit for active duty members attending online schools is that they offer multiple semester start-up times. This makes it easier on unpredictable deployment times. Accelerated Bachelor’s programs are designed to take three years or less. Though it’s made so that students, like those in the military, can take longer if they have to.

With online universities, potential students have to submit proof of a high school diploma or GED plus an SAT or ACT score. Some colleges also require essays about why the potential students want to attend that particular school and what they hope to achieve with their selected degree. The exception for military students is that they also have to submit a documentation of proof of their service. When military students are allowed to attend online universities, this means that they can pursue their courses anywhere they have access to computer or the internet. It also means that they can fast-track their way to applying for pay grade promotions or officer schools.

Veteran Education Benefits

Unfortunately, only a limited number of colleges currently offer complete tuition waiver benefits to veterans. They also don’t get the same tuition waiver benefits that active duty members do. Even the schools that do offer them usually require certain criteria such as the veteran being a resident of that state or having been honorably discharged. This is where Yellow Ribbon comes in.

The Yellow Ribbon program allows for colleges and universities to support military veterans with funds that go toward the veteran student’s tuition. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs then agrees to match the cost. All the potential veteran student needs to do is research which schools in his or her state participate in the Yellow Ribbon and go from there. The Yellow Ribbon can also be extended to spouses and children of those who were killed in the line of duty or have gone missing in action (MIA). However, most states have certain criteria for this as well so it’s important for them to check on that.