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Products of Carbide You Need to Know About

Carbide is a chemical compound which is made from tungsten ores. Carbide is actually a processed tungsten ore which is usually mined then taken to the industries for refinement. In the industries, tungsten carbide is usually bound to other metals or other materials using cobalt metal as a binder. The main purpose of alloying the tungsten carbide with other metals or materials of to increase its value by making it harder and more durable. Due to these rare qualities found in carbide, there are a wide range of products made from carbide, some of which have been discussed below.

Most of the mining tools and drilling tools are made using cemented tungsten carbide. Tools used in mining and drilling require a hard and durable material since they come into contact with hard surfaces like stones or even other metals. Mining and drilling tools require a hard and durable material, hence carbide is the best compound to make them. All tools need to be replaces regularly despite their quality of being hard and durable. Carbide tools in this situation become advantageous since carbide material can be recycled into new items or tools. They can therefore be sold, hence saving some money for the owner to replace the old tools with new ones.

The value of carbide score very high globally since it is a flexible compound which can be combined with different type of metals or materials. Due to its value, carbide has been utilized by the aesthetic industry to make jewelry. Carbide alloys are the second hardest items following the diamond, hence it is possible for them to be cut, crafted and shaped into products like earrings, rings and pendants. To enhance their appearance, they are then polished to bring out an attractive gloss. Jewelry from carbide products is usually cost effective since carbide is cheaper than gold and diamond.

Another application of carbide is in the production of surgical tools. For a surgery to be successful, the tools used have to be high quality tools, yet affordable ones. Carbide tools, due to their hardness, can be sharpened into shape blades and needles. Carbide surgical tools are polished to obtained a shiny and glossy appearance such that they can be seen easily. Additionally, they are resistant to rusting and pitting, thus increasing their durability and safety.

Carbide has also been used in the production of skiing poles, fishing weights and trekking poles due to its hardness and resistance to rusting. Recycling companies have used carbide to make stronger and harder machines that are able to crush and smash other metals so as to make them into new products.

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