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The Advantage of the Septic Tanks

A septic tank is considered to be a small building that is usually constructed using the precast concrete. Areas that lack a public drainage systems are the ones that usually use the septic tanks to get rid of the unclean flowing water. The construction of the drainage fields particularly meant to ensure that dirty water does not find its way into the places that the people live. Therefore, a septic tank may also be considered to be a system that is used in the treatment of dirty water.

All the waste water that is usually collected from the kitchen, the bathrooms and laundry are directed to flow into these septic tanks, and is eventually returned to the environment through the drain fields. Therefore, it is the work of the septic tank to ensure that the water has been cleaned before it is actually returned back into the ground. The septic tanks are also used for the storage of the toilet water. There is a treatment chamber that is necessary for the treatment of the water that flows into the septic tank. The tanks are meant to ensure that untreated water does not find its way into the environment. Untreated water remains in the septic tank until when it has finally been treated. Inside the tanks, the solid materials settle while the light materials move to the surface.

The light materials may include the oils and grease. There are various ways through which the water inside the septic tanks may be treated before they are actually released back into the environment. Water may actually be treated through the aerobic or the anaerobic systems. The anaerobic systems do not use oxygen during the treatment of water. Two sections are used for the process in the tank. Only a little treatment of the water takes place inside the tank, while the rest of the treatment takes place in the dispersal area. The importance of the anaerobic treatment is that it is not powered by electricity. In addition, no maintenance is required for the process.

Dirty water can only be treated in the presence of oxygen in the aerobic system. The system also relies on the aerobic bacteria to be able to break down the aerobic solids that are found inside the septic tank. Very little of the aerobic process takes place in the disposal fields since most of the reaction take place in the septic tank. Processing also takes place in the septic tanks.

In effect the aerobic tanks are considered to be more clean when compared to the anaerobic ones since all the solids are broken down in the presence of oxygen, meaning that there will be no materials left. This systems are important particularly for the people who live near rivers and oceans, and the people who live in small villages and areas. Foothill sanitary is an institution that works to ensure that the septic tanks have been taken care of in a good way.

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