These Conversation Topics Are Sure to Pique His Interest

There are a lot of different ways a woman can start up a conversation with a man. Getting his interest is incredibly important if a woman wants to get to know him better. The right conversation topics will engage his interest and make him want to talk to the woman more. With the following helpful conversation starters, a woman is more likely to walk away with his phone number and the chance for a date.

Entice Him With These Conversation Starters

When a woman has just spotted a man she finds interesting, it is not always easy to strike up a conversation and gain his attention. With these conversation starters, a woman is more likely to be able to successfully engage him in conversation from the very beginning.

  • What is his life theme song? This is an engaging first question because it is one that will not be typically asked. This is not a pickup line and a man will appreciate the breath of fresh air a question like this offers.
  • Does he have a tattoo? Men who have tattoos often love to show them off. Not only will a woman enjoy seeing the crazy tattoos he might have, but she also gets the opportunity to check out his body.
  • What was his favorite show as a kid? Nostalgia is something most people are always willing to talk about. Get him talking about his childhood cartoons and television shows and he is sure to smile.
  • What is his biggest fear? Does he cower over a spider or squeal over a snake? Although some men feel self-conscious when they admit their weakness, this can also be very freeing and lead to a great conversation.
  • Who is the biggest influence in his life? This is a question he is likely not going to mind answering. He might just even get a bit misty-eyed when he thinks about his answer.

Get Started Now

Begin using these conversation starters and you are sure to be able to get men talking like never before. Visit the website if you would like to learn more engaging conversation tips.